My mission is to serve, assist and support all those who desire to experience a flexible, adaptable, and self correcting spine which will enable them to express their authentic, creative and joyful pain-free self.

Dr. Whelan

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In our office, we utilize the 21st century hands-on technology known as Network Spinal Analysis.

NSA is a gentle, safe and powerful chiropractic approach which guides the body back to its natural state of ease, harmony and wholeness. Through a series of contacts (adjustments) in a specific sequence, in a specific location and with a specific amount of force, the brain/body connection is enhanced, allowing the neuro-myofascial (nerves, muscles, tissues) systems to harmonize and reset. As the decades of tension and resistance is organically dissipated and the bodys armor drops, clarity and wholeness is revealed. A profound experience of connection and peace follows.

Wellness studies have shown incredible changes in the clients Quality of Life factors, not the least of which is complete resolution of pain. But, even beyond pain resolving, persons under NSA care have shown to enjoy life more, make healthier choices and adapt to stress in a more healthy way.

In addition to NSA, we also incorporate Somato Respiratory Integration. SRI is another inner technology developed by Donald Epstein. SRI uses breath, touch, movement and awareness to facilitate wholeness and health, and empowers clients with the tools and resources to use daily at home. SRI transports the body/mind to deeper levels of clarity and healing.