How to go from being stuck to unbound Freedom

October 3rd 2017 6pm  Join us for a lecture on: Transform and heal your life How to go from being stuck to unbound Freedom Peace and healing is not just in the hands of few individuals. Every one of us can do something.  When you heal your old wounds, let go of self-attack and blame, when you transform your body-mind into a peaceful state, you will make the world more peaceful. Little by little, your transformation will impact others and the chain reaction goes on to make the world a better place!

In this lecture you will learn

  • How to deeply understand the concept of the body/mind. Did you know your Spine is the Fuse box
  • Appreciate the role that your brain and its chemistry play in your life and health.
  • Discover how the knots and restrictions you feel in your body confine your thoughts and creativity. This class will teach you to loosen the vice you are living in.
  • Learn to understand that the programs that run 95% of your life is the unconscious you and only 5% of your life is consciously designed by the awaked you.
  • See how the thoughts in your brain and feelings in your body create your current state of being.
  • How to be empowered to change and rewrite decade old programs from inside out so they become sustainable changes which transform you to be your best.
Join us and bring a friend as your journey to transforming your life deepens with new tools, experiences, and understanding.
For more information please call: (949) 581-5231 or email:  

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