If you are not experiencing perfect health and vitality it means that at a very deep level you are not allowing your body’s intelligence to do its work. There are hundreds, if not thousands of healing modalities addressing symptoms from all different angles when the root cause of all physical imbalance is the same.–Dr. Michael Whelan

How would you feel if you could discover what that root cause is? How would your life change? Would you like to find out how? We would like to invite you to come and find out for yourself. This is a place to help you remember that you are already perfect, whole and complete.–Dr. Michael Whelan

Dr. Michael Whelan

My mission is to serve, assist and support all those who desire to experience a flexible, adaptable, and self correcting spine which will enable them to express their authentic, creative and joyful pain-free self.

What our patients say:


Kristin in Lake Forest had severe back issues due to a broken tail bone from childhood. She noticed major improvement quickly and is now pain free.


Karen in Irvine developed scoliosis as a youth and has been in chronic pain for 30 years. Network has helped relieve her pain.


Kit Lascala in Newport Beach has a beautiful and moving story to share with you. Take the time to watch her video.